August 26th, 2010

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[FST] begin to stop - an fst for ten/rose

This here? This here is what you'd call a very old FST that I made... oh, in 2008. And never posted. I am good? ... in all seriousness, though, time to stop being lazy and share! It's something that I've had constantly on my ipod for those two years, and I still love it as much as I do then as I do now, despite the fact it is from a while back, and there are about eighteen songs on it, haha. Oh well.

You may notice that Take Me Away, by Lifehouse, is on here twice, once as acoustic and once as not. Well, acoutstic is main, because I saw a video for it with Ten/Rose, so I'm bias. But... I love the main version, too. The intro just makes me see the running scene from season 4 in my head. Hence quote.

PS. I like Doctor Who/Ten/Rose if you haven't noticed already. 8)

ten/rose fst •begin to stop

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