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[mv] find a way - ten/rose tribute

find a way (the doctor & rose)

Title: Find A Way
Song and Artist: Find A Way by SafetySuit
Made by: Espo (lingers / espochan willmylifebegin @ yt / applebloom @ vimeo)
Series: Doctor Who (season 2 through '09 specials)
Tribute: Ten/Rose
Summary: And if I was running / You'd be the one I'd be running to / I don't care what clothes you wear / It's time to love and I don't care.
Simply a video to convey the sadness and the happiness of the relationship between Rose and her Doctor, and the Doctor and his Rose.
Notes: I have about four different Ten/Rose videos hanging around in my hardrive, but none of them have really inspired me like this song has. It's nice and slow, and I'm trying to experiment with movie maker (blegh) as much as is possible (which is a hard feat to begin with), I'd like to create interesting effects if possible. So there is some experimentation in here. I'm not quite sure what to think of this experimenting (some parts I think are a bit... off, whilst others I am absolutely in love with), but for the most part, I am very happy with this video, and like it a lot.
Password: Highlight to read: fortenrose

i am just trying to find my way to you...
Tags: character: rose tyler, character: tenth doctor, music video, relationship: ten/rose, series: doctor who

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